Wholesale purchasing is available to verifiable retail establishments.  In order to receive our wholesale information please sent the following information to us at info@TeaCupAndKettle.com .

Please use the form below to register for a wholesale account.  We will contact you with any questions we may have or with any requests for additional information.

Our wholesale purchase minimums and requirements are simple.  

  • We are not allowing eBay or other online auction sales of our products at this time.
  • We reserve the right to deny wholesale purchasing privileges at our discretion.
  • At this time, we offer wholesale purchasing on our teas and limited accessories.
  • There is a minimum purchase quantity for each of the teas and their sizes: 1 oz packages are a minimum of 6 of each tea blend, 2 oz packages are a minimum of 3 of each tea blend, 4 oz and 8 oz packages have no minimum quantities.



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