Tea Storage

Tea Storage

How do I store my teas?
There are many different types of containers you can store your teas in.  They include glass, metal tins, and different types of bags.  Ideally, you want to avoid exposing your tea to air, light, heat, and moisture.  You’ll also want to avoid storing it near strong aromatic substances.  Like chocolate, tea will absorb the odors from foods and other things it is stored near.  Our teas are packaged in colored re-closable rice paper bags that are suitable for storage.  If storing in a re-closable bag be sure to squeeze all the air out after each use.  There are also a number of opaque glass and metal containers available for purchase at your local store.

Do not store tea leaves in the refrigerator.  Condensation will form.  The teas will be exposed to moisture as well as other aromatic foods that will taint the flavor.

Do not store tea leaves over or near the stove or in a window.  And some dishwashers put off so much heat that it radiates through the countertop.  Remember, heat will degrade the flavor of your tea.

How long can you store it? 

When stored properly tea can keep for at least a season.  You can store it for even up to a year if stored away from air, light, and moisture.  However, keep in mind that the longer it’s stored the less flavor it will have when brewed.  Black teas will keep their flavor a bit longer (up to a year) than green and white teas (up to about 6 months).  Many of the dark teas actually build on their flavor profile as they age. Purchase your teas in quantities that will be used in at least the season you are currently in.  By purchasing in quantities that you will use fairly quickly (within 3 months) you are sure to enjoy it until the last leaf is steeped.